Have you got your copy yet?

launch still 10The cup cakes have been eaten and the glitter settled from our fabulous launch of The Compendium of Superheroes and Alter Egos.

If you didn’t manage to get to our party you can still buy copies in the Arnolfini Bookshop, Narrow Quay, Bristol.

Our book is also available directly from our publisher Tangent Books.

or from Amazon

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A Massive Thank You

Wow! What an evening. The book launched last Thursday to a fantastic backdrop of celebratory fizz, alter ego cakes, and lots and lots of people.

launch still 12  A big thank you to everyone who made it down to the Arnolfini and all the wonderful people who made this project possible. There was a real atmosphere of celebration and pride, and for theparticipants it was the first opportunity to see the finished book and to really appreciate their work.

launch still 3 In true DP style, there were impromptu performances from some of the characters including a performance lecture from Ivana Van Der Fluff and a live installation from Fotora. 

I was reliably informed that the Arnolfini shop made a record number of book sales for a launch that evening and it was great to see the foyer buzzing with so much joy and laughter.

launch still 10

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Just a quick post to convey the excitement of the countdown…


Please join us at the Arnolfini to celebrate. See link below for full invite


cover-a copy

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Five Questions for ….

I’ve just had my flesh crawl… But in The Good Way… I have just seen the final edit of the documentary film about The Compendium of Super Heroes & Alter Egos. Made singlehandedly by the very talented Vivi Stamatatos. During the last 18 months (and more) Vivi has been a constant presence behind the camera; witnessing and observing the work. A part of the group, but removed by the presence of her lens; she never encroached on the action. However she has captured the essence and spirit of the work with sensitivity and humour. We can’t wait to show it to you, but you’ll have to wait until launch night!

Meanwhile, here are Vivi’s five answers to five questions….

What do you do?

meeting point 5I am a filmmaker visual artist. On this project I have been documenting the workshops in order to edit a short film of the creative process within the participants’ perspectives.


Why do it with DP?

I absolutely love the opportunity that DP’s projects give to women, offering a creative space where you can be daring with yourself and push creative boundaries. Also I really like how DP is very inclusive. For this reasons I feel very proud to have been somehow part of these projects. They have brought strength and beautiful moments into people’s life, which has a broader impact into our societies. It’s what an art project should be, life and creativity merged together.

Best thing about the project?

The best thing was when I saw one of the participants during a live performance, months after the last workshop. I asked her how she has been since, she said in a very gentle and
still image 21also strong voice that she hasn’t been missing it so much as she still carries her super-hero
alter-ego with her. It felt very powerful at this moment, and I very much felt how much it has brought her.

Worst thing?

The worst thing was that behind the camera, I sometimes secretly also wanted to creatively be part of it, and to unleash an alter-ego character to join that very powerful group.


3 words to describe the project?

Intense – brave – powerful


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5 Questions For…

Emma Nurton
This is quite possibly my favourite ‘5 Questions’. Emma has been one of the core members of the group from the start, entering each new phase of the work with enthusiasm, bravery and wisdom. I have witnessed the creation and development of Emma’s character (and can’t help thinking of them as one & the same sometimes!) _DSC0404This has been one of the most spine tingling and powerful things for me and really sums up the reason d’être of this whole crazy venture.
Tell us about you?
Book reader, canal restorer, cider drinker, crochet maker, map addict! 🙂
Why did you do the project?
It sounded a very interesting and unique project; a chance to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new; the incredible thought that I’d be part of making an actual book. And quite frankly my gut told me to “go for it!” So I listened, and did, and it was fab!
What was the best bit?
Meeting a great bunch of women. Seeing the characters that we created being made visual by the wonderful Liz Greenfield, and making a damn good fantastical stupendous book!!! 
Worst bit?
That anxious dread and gathering of courage to actually get to the meetings (even tho I knew I’d feel so much better once I’d got there, and leave feeling connected to others and a part of something amazing!) 
3 words to describe the experience?
Woohoohooooo!!! Heeeeeeeeeee!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!


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Five Questions for….

And so for the second installment of the dramatically named ‘Five Questions for’… This time for  Donna Baber. Donna is one of the unseen lynchpins of DP, the one who picks through budgets with a fine tooth comb, the one who doesn’t bat an eyelid at a crazy idea, the one who says It’s all going to be ok! (and is usually right)

What do you do?

I work with artists and arts organisations and I help them to achieve great things and realise ambitions by supporting organisational change and development, project development, fundraising & income generation.  I’ve been involved with DP since 2012 and a board member since 2013.  I’ve been working with DP to evaluate this project.

Why do it with DP?

I work with DP because ddd-prog-pg4-700I believe 100% in their work; the quality, the challenge, the health benefits,
the artists they work with: DP creates massive transformations in people, it changes lives in the short term and in the long term and gets results where other services fall short.
DP harnesses joy and brings lives back to life.  DP does things differently and gets great results that benefit individuals and communities.


Best thing about the project?

I’ve been involved in the evaluation of the project and seeing the transformation of the participants and hearing their stories of the impact it has had on their lives has been astonishing and so powerful.  Having the opportunity to draw together all these stories into an evaluation report for current and potential funders and sponsors is an absolute honour, as is the opportunity to work alongside such an amazing group of women and hear how their lives are developing.  I was also invited to the first day of the third season and it was brilliant joining the group for the day, taking a leap of faith and being part of their world for the day, seeing and experiencing Liz’s leadership and facilitation.

Worst thing?

Hearing the stories of the women involved and not being a physical part of the project!  Being involved as the evaluator has come a close second to being a participant though and being part of the board and helping to shape the development of the project and seeing it grow from a seed of an idea to a fully flourished publication more than makes up for that.

3 words to describe the project?





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Season One Pics

During Season One I handed over the reigns of this project whilst I went off and had a baby… The other day I found a file of pics that I’d never seen before! These really show the diversity of the foundations that were created in those 6 weeks thanks to some amazing practioners.


Shelley Hodgson shared her practice as a performance writer and brought a rucksack load of books. She imparted knowledge of the diy approach to making comics and the group created their very first  fold out stories.

Michaela Dunne began some intensive work on character development through performance devising.


 I  really love how you can see the beginnings of the characters start to emerge.


Next up we had a taster session from Mel Scaffold of Theatre Bristol. Mel was to lead the group through the commissioning process in Season 2. But for now…..Hair cuts and plastercine fruit were on the agenda that evening.



Lastly, my favourite pic that I unearthed was one entitled “Wooly Mayhem’ which nicely sums up the evening the group spent with Karla Shacklock I feel!

woolly 1

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